The Best Luxury Road-Trip Riding The Rails While Listening To The Clickety-Clack Of The Wheels On The Track

When thinking about taking a road-trip vacation, people seldom think about trains.  Trains are local transport or goods-by-rail transport.  However, there are people that discovered that travelling by rail, can be just as luxurious, restful and fun as most other forms of luxury vacationing.  They experienced that hopping on a train can become a well-loved manner of vacation.

Even long-distance train travel always was more a means to get somewhere, rather than a mode of vacation.  In the early years of trains, it might have been the only way to get to faraway places, and the add-on of luxury carriages came when the rich and famous travelled.  But trains became a bit redundant when automobiles and planes took their place with faster, more comfortable travelling.

Train travel has made a comeback in recent years, the carriages more luxurious, and the service of outstanding quality.

Some of the world’s most luxurious, incredible, train, road-trips:

Golden Eagle Luxury Train – Russia

Travelling by train through Russia, Central Asia, Europe and China, you can experience the wonderful landscapes of each country and absorb the richness of different cultures.  You will have a room with a constantly changing view while receiving first-class, customer service in a luxurious cabin.  You will be treated to fine dining in elegant style and surroundings.

Blue Train – South Africa

The Blue Train provides travellers with a window through which to experience the magnificent views, interesting local culture and the soul of Africa.  You can do all of this while savouring the tantalising tastes and captivating moments in ultimate luxury.  On this moving, 5-star luxury hotel, you can travel from Cape Town in the South to Cairo in the North.  This is the best in forced relaxation while travelling in luxury.


The Ghan –Australia

Beginning in Darwin and ending in Adelaide, you can get ready for a one-of-a-kind train-track trip.  You will see some of the most captivating, remote areas of Australia while travelling in luxury and style.  You can also look forward to getting breakfast in bed and dining in an exclusive dining carriage.  The 5-star menu features the exotic local foods of Australia.

The Rocky Mountaineer –Canada

This is one of the very few 5-star rail services in North America.  There are several routes to choose from running through the Rocky Mountains, but the Banff to Vancouver captures the imagination, most.  Tourists prefer travelling in the summer, but September to October proves to be the most romantic.  The magnificent autumn scenes, the leaves turning to vibrant oranges, reds and yellows, with the first snow on the mountain tops, is seen as the most romantic travel time.

Belmond Royal Scotsman – Scotland

Step aboard this luxurious train and prepare to have a grand Highland fling and capture the romance of travel, again.  This Scottish train is seen as one of the most luxurious of all luxury trains.  All cars are clad in Mahogany and fitted out in Edwardian elegance.  You will even find a Spa-carriage.  As the glorious landscapes of the Highlands glide by, you can let the motion of the train and the Clickety-clack of the wheels soothe your soul and you can relax.

These are only a few of the train vacation you can choose from for that ultimate road-trip vacation where you don’t have to do the driving.

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What To Expect From Your First Vacation Onboard A Luxury Cruise Ship

People travelled by sea from long before the first cruise ship was built, however, the sea crossing on ships was not seen as comfortable, enjoyable or safe.  It was mostly a means to an end, the only way to get to certain places that cannot be reached by foot or horse.

The first Cruise ship that was built for luxury cruising, and only that, was the Prinzessin Victoria Luise.  She was a German-built ship and was launched in June 1900.  This passenger ship is seen as the first ship built for exclusively luxury cruising.

Another, very famous, or for that matter, notorious luxury, passenger ship, is the Titanic.  The RMS Titanic was the largest ship built, with the exclusive goal to be the pinnacle of luxury, and comfort and it boasted a swimming pool, libraries, restaurants, opulent cabins and even a radiotelegraph transmitter to keep in touch.  However, because of irregularities in safety regulations, operational failures, etc. the Titanic, sunk, after hitting an iceberg.

And then we have, now.  The passenger-ship has seen a gradual evolution to being a fully-fledged, luxury Cruise ship.

What you can expect from a Luxury Cruise Ship Vacation:

You might be surprised to find that travelling on a luxury cruise ship, will feel just like staying in a luxury, 5-star hotel.  Some of these Luxury Ships has been described as floating condominiums, each with its own balcony.

  1. Professional Service: Boarding a luxury cruiser, you will be greeted by well-trained crewmembers and officers, wanting to show-off their wonderful ship.  You will find pleasing interiors, elegant architecture, lovely flowers, art, and almost everything you can expect at a luxury hotel.  Certain cabins also offer butler services.
  2. You won’t feel crowded: Much the same as a luxury resort, you will never feel crowded.  High-end cruise ships are not only luxurious but also spacious.  You will never have to search for a lounge chair or a seat at the pool.  The whole ship’s interior is designed to create an upscale, comfortable environment.
  3. “All Inclusive”: Not all cruises actually include everything in “all-inclusive”, but you can expect all beverages included complimentary transportation when you dock at ports on the way, and free Wi-Fi.  The general idea is to not have travellers sign slips or looking for their purses the whole time.  The idea is to relax on vacation, and that is the cruise personnel’s main goal.
  4. Dress-code: In the past, every luxury cruise ship had mandatory formal evenings that required you wore a formal gown or tuxedo.  That is no longer necessary because the dress-code requirements became more relaxed.  There are optional, formal nights that will require dressing-up.  If you feel like attending some of these, go prepared with at least a suit or a cocktail dress.
  5. Luxury Amenities: In all cabins and suites you will be pampered with high-end linens, designer toiletries, and spacious marble bathrooms with a choice of bath products.  You can expect to find a fully stocked complimentary bar-fridge in your cabin.  Some Luxury Cruise lines offer butler-services in their suite categories.  The butlers can perform a wide range of services, from unpacking your suitcases to serving breakfast, etc.

First-class, personalized service is one of the characteristics of luxury cruise lines.  You can also expect fine wines, gourmet cuisine and room service as in all land-logged luxury hotels.  The moment you step aboard a luxury cruise ship, you can leave work behind and enjoy your home-away-from-home for the duration of your holiday cruise.

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5 Important Safety Tips To Keep In Mind To Have Peace Of Mind While Travelling Abroad

To travel the world and experience beautiful new places and meet interesting new people is one of the best things in life.  Travel is something that everyone should try to experience, to see the wonder that is our blue planet.  Unfortunately, there will always be some safety issues when travelling.  The world is an amazing place but it can also be dangerous.

To keep you safe and ensure you enjoy your trip, follow these simple travel safety tips:

Learn more about your destination; it is very important that you do some research about your destination or destinations.  Learn what you can about the people, culture, religions, safety ratings, currency, tourist spots, language, and more.  The more you know, the better prepared you will be and the safer you will be.  Your research should also give you some ideas on what you can and cannot do and where you can find more information or help once you arrive.

Make sure someone knows where you are; it is wise to make sure that your family or a friend at home knows your itinerary, especially when you go abroad to a place like Cannes.  This way, if something happens, they can trace your steps.  It is also a good idea to let the hotel reception know when you are leaving, where you are going, and when you expect to be back.  If you do not arrive when expected, they can take steps to find out whether you are safe.  There are also apps available that allow family from anywhere to track your whereabouts when needed.

Keep your money and travel cheques safe; it is better to have travel cheques rather than cash.  You can ensure your travel cheques and lose less that way.  It is also good to have a credit card that you can use anywhere in the world.  You should know the numbers to call should your card get stolen.  This is to help you stop any transactions that may occur after the theft.  When walking around, always keep your money on your person and hidden.  You can buy a money belt that straps to your middle underneath your clothes.

Always be alert; criminals are very crafty and have many ways to trick or distract you.  Always be aware of what is going on around you, especially if you get a convertible rental in London.  Notice groups of people surrounding you.  Sometimes groups do entertainment numbers to get close to you and rob you of belongings without you noticing.  They are very good at creating distractions and you must always know what is happening around you and who is close to you.

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Take the same basic safety measures as you do at home; basic safety measures are applicable everywhere.  Things, like not walking alone at night or visiting unknown places should be avoided. Don’t draw attention to yourself as a tourist or someone who doesn’t know where they are or where they are going.  Avoid dangerous areas.

If you follow these basic tips, you should be fairly safe.  Of course, things happen unexpectedly, but these tips will help you be prepared as well as you can be.  Enjoy your travels and stay safe!

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Choose Your Best Luxury Hotel Out Of This List Of 5-Star Rated Exclusive Hotels Worldwide

A, best hotel list will be different for each person.  Everybody experience the same thing in a different way and that will influence their perception and feelings about the experience.  However, there are a few Luxury Hotels, situated all over the world, which features on almost every “Best Luxury Hotel List”.

Take a peek at this “Best Luxury Hotel List” and make your choice:


This hotel, situated in Cape Town, South Africa, is a modern hotel with excellent staff that delivers a high quality, professional service to all their guests.  The hotel offers this service in an unprecedented level of luxury and urban chic.  This hotel lies beneath the towering silhouette of Table Mountain in the heart of, a friendly, calm but flourishing, gracious, city.

Soneva Kiri

Situated in Koh Kood in Thailand, this resort offers a combination of luxury, and unforgettable, authentic experiences.  The environment-friendly designed villas are situated, either on the idyllic beach or the sunny slopes of a rainforest.  Each villa features a stunning infinity pool, chic furnishings, personal, electric buggies for transport, and always impeccable service of the staff.

Mardan Palace Hotel

This hotel, situated in Antalya, Turkey, can lay claim to have the largest swimming pool in the surrounding vicinity of the Mediterranean and is also counted as being on the list of the most elite and luxurious European hotels.  The hotel features jaw-dropping interior designs with crystal, gold leaf and marble from Italy.  The suites are sumptuously furnished.  A 24/7 butler service is included in the services.

Baur au Lac

Discerning travellers see the Baur au Lac hotel as being the top address in Switzerland when it comes to hotels.  The rooms are decorated in the Empire, Regency styles and offer the ultimate in privacy and comfort.  The hotel is set in its own park and overlooks the Alps as well as the lake.  Situated in this unique location, it is still only a few minutes away from Zurich’s famous shopping street.

Sandy Lane Hotel

This world-class luxury resort is situated in Barbados and overlooks sweeping golden sands and the Caribbean Sea.  Spacious, luxurious rooms and the shimmering light on the sapphire blue water, conjures up an image of glorious, exotic places.  Each room and suite features a large veranda of its own.

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

Being part of a group of hotels, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, are regarded as the most innovative, luxurious hotel in the world.  The dramatic designed and sculpted form of this hotel rises majestically from its setting on the beachside.  The hotel features one office tower and three residential towers.  The uniqueness, private beach, top-tier-facilities and services make the hotel, Abu Dhabi’s most prestigious and exclusive, and luxury accommodation.

On the worlds’ Top Hotel list you will find the classics, the iconic favourites, the intimate inns, ski-villas, oceanfront beach hotels, the nature retreats, the penthouse suite, and so much more, luxury accommodations to chose from all over the world.

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10 Innovative Accessories That Should Top Your List Of What To Pack When Travelling Abroad

While travelling, your luggage, and other types of accessories should not cause you more trouble than the usual headaches about a trip can do.  You should not have to worry about anything that might let you down in the midst of having a great time.

Making sure you have all the right stuff can go a long way towards ensuring nothing lets you down.

The most important piece in all travelling will always be your luggage, and what you pack in there.  What you include into that luggage can be the difference between a lovely vacation and a total disaster.

List of Innovative Accessories that will make packing a pleasure:

The Backpack:  Most important if you are going to do some walking or hiking or any such thing where you will need to carry along some things.  A bag with different pockets and easily foldable will be perfect.

The Suitcase:  You have a choice of many excellent suitcases.  You need to be sure that it is of high quality to keep your belongings safe.  You can even get a suitcase with a built-in battery to charge any device while still travelling.

Travel Toiletry Bag:  Keeping all your toiletries together in an organised way can be troublesome.  You might have a too large extra bag to fit them all in, or maybe separate plastic bags.  With a travel toiletry bag, you can keep all your toiletries in place.  It folds up into a manageable pouch without squeezing the toothpaste, and when you take it out, you can hang the whole bag in the bathroom with everything together.

Multi-Tool:  Always a smart thing to have with you, even when not travelling, because it can help you perform a lot of little emergency tasks.

A Water Bottle:  A lightweight water bottle will always come in handy to keep you hydrated during your travels.

International Charger:  This is an essential accessory which adapts to the power outlets wherever your travels might take you.  There are various types of adaptors you can choose from and most of these have enough outlets, (for normal plugs and USB-ports) to keep you charged and connected.

Portable Battery:  When travelling you can never have too many power-sources if you are taking a lot of different electrical devices.  A separate battery-pack will come in handy if you are going to need to recharge devices and are not always near power outlets.

Camera:  Make sure to remember your camera to take pictures of all the fun and memories you are going to make on your vacation.

First Aid Kit:  Always handy for those unplanned little emergencies you can take care of yourself.

Micro Umbrella:  You never know when a sudden rainstorm will catch you unawares in a foreign country, (sometimes even your own country); this umbrella will easily fit into any handbag or backpack without taking up much room.

Re-sealable Plastic Bags:  These are always handy for that unsealed shampoo bottle, wet cloth, or anything you need to keep separate from the rest of your luggage.  Always keep them in different sizes for different needs.

There are more things that you can look into when organising your luggage and trying to remember to pack everything you might need and to fit it all into an allowable sized of luggage.  However, if you have the things on this list, the only thing you have to worry about remembering will be your clothing and shoes.

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Advice On Choosing The Best Car Rental Service That Specializes In Luxury Vehicles

When you work hard, you might also feel the need to play hard.  When you book your vacation accommodation you want the best of the best.  And, if you are considering renting a car to travel where and when you want during that vacation, it will also need to be the best luxury vehicle available.

There are many car rental services available, how do you choose the right one for your needs?

Advice on Choosing the Car Rental Service that suits your needs:

  1. Define the needs that your rental car should fulfil; different persons will have different needs that have to be fulfilled by a rental vehicle. Even if your only goal is to drive the best luxury vehicle for the ultimate experience, there still are things to consider.

What type of roads are you going to drive?  Will it only be city driving on planned routes and built roads, or are you going off the beaten track, exploring unchartered dirt roads, or bush and veldt routes?  The type of roads you are going to travel will have a big influence on the type of vehicle you must choose.

  1. Thinking about size; you should take into consideration how many persons are going to be travelling with you? Does your trip include your family or friends?  The people-count will influence the size of the vehicle you are going to need.  A larger vehicle will cost more to fill up at the fuel pump, but it will be more spacious to fit in the family and luggage.

Larger vehicles are more complicated to move into parking spaces and can be difficult to manoeuvre on narrower roads.  However, bigger vehicles might give the sense of safety, more so than a smaller vehicle would.

  1. Make sure about what a Rental Car company include in their service offers; it is important to do a bit of homework before you can decide on a Car Rental Service. The company may have the exact size, make and model of the vehicle you want to rent, but what are the “Terms and Conditions” applicable to your rental.  Look out for the following:

Are there penalties applicable to certain actions?  Would there be a penalty on late fees?

What does the rental service include?  Does the vehicle include a GPS-service, road maintenance, (if a problem should occur while you are travelling), an additional driver if need be, etc.?

Can you travel anywhere?  Do the company have any type of travel restrictions?

How do they handle liabilities?  Do you need to be aware of any specific liabilities that can be asked of you?

  1. Insurance; you will definitely be asked if you want to purchase the insurance offered by the company. It is highly recommended that you do purchase their insurance.  You can never know what might happen on the road.  You are going to be travelling in a strange country with foreign rules and regulations.  Your car rental company knows all the specifics of the countries they operate in.

In conclusion; always make sure about the company policies and insurance matters before you choose your vehicle rental service, and only then make your choice.

When you have looked through all the possibilities, made your choice and feel excited about it?  Then it is time to book your Luxury Vehicle and treat yourself to the ultimate in driving pleasure throughout your vacation.

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