The Best Luxury Road-Trip Riding The Rails While Listening To The Clickety-Clack Of The Wheels On The Track

When thinking about taking a road-trip vacation, people seldom think about trains.  Trains are local transport or goods-by-rail transport.  However, there are people that discovered that travelling by rail, can be just as luxurious, restful and fun as most other forms of luxury vacationing.  They experienced that hopping on a train can become a well-loved manner of vacation.

Even long-distance train travel always was more a means to get somewhere, rather than a mode of vacation.  In the early years of trains, it might have been the only way to get to faraway places, and the add-on of luxury carriages came when the rich and famous travelled.  But trains became a bit redundant when automobiles and planes took their place with faster, more comfortable travelling.

Train travel has made a comeback in recent years, the carriages more luxurious, and the service of outstanding quality.

Some of the world’s most luxurious, incredible, train, road-trips:

Golden Eagle Luxury Train – Russia

Travelling by train through Russia, Central Asia, Europe and China, you can experience the wonderful landscapes of each country and absorb the richness of different cultures.  You will have a room with a constantly changing view while receiving first-class, customer service in a luxurious cabin.  You will be treated to fine dining in elegant style and surroundings.

Blue Train – South Africa

The Blue Train provides travellers with a window through which to experience the magnificent views, interesting local culture and the soul of Africa.  You can do all of this while savouring the tantalising tastes and captivating moments in ultimate luxury.  On this moving, 5-star luxury hotel, you can travel from Cape Town in the South to Cairo in the North.  This is the best in forced relaxation while travelling in luxury.


The Ghan –Australia

Beginning in Darwin and ending in Adelaide, you can get ready for a one-of-a-kind train-track trip.  You will see some of the most captivating, remote areas of Australia while travelling in luxury and style.  You can also look forward to getting breakfast in bed and dining in an exclusive dining carriage.  The 5-star menu features the exotic local foods of Australia.

The Rocky Mountaineer –Canada

This is one of the very few 5-star rail services in North America.  There are several routes to choose from running through the Rocky Mountains, but the Banff to Vancouver captures the imagination, most.  Tourists prefer travelling in the summer, but September to October proves to be the most romantic.  The magnificent autumn scenes, the leaves turning to vibrant oranges, reds and yellows, with the first snow on the mountain tops, is seen as the most romantic travel time.

Belmond Royal Scotsman – Scotland

Step aboard this luxurious train and prepare to have a grand Highland fling and capture the romance of travel, again.  This Scottish train is seen as one of the most luxurious of all luxury trains.  All cars are clad in Mahogany and fitted out in Edwardian elegance.  You will even find a Spa-carriage.  As the glorious landscapes of the Highlands glide by, you can let the motion of the train and the Clickety-clack of the wheels soothe your soul and you can relax.

These are only a few of the train vacation you can choose from for that ultimate road-trip vacation where you don’t have to do the driving.

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