What To Expect From Your First Vacation Onboard A Luxury Cruise Ship

People travelled by sea from long before the first cruise ship was built, however, the sea crossing on ships was not seen as comfortable, enjoyable or safe.  It was mostly a means to an end, the only way to get to certain places that cannot be reached by foot or horse.

The first Cruise ship that was built for luxury cruising, and only that, was the Prinzessin Victoria Luise.  She was a German-built ship and was launched in June 1900.  This passenger ship is seen as the first ship built for exclusively luxury cruising.

Another, very famous, or for that matter, notorious luxury, passenger ship, is the Titanic.  The RMS Titanic was the largest ship built, with the exclusive goal to be the pinnacle of luxury, and comfort and it boasted a swimming pool, libraries, restaurants, opulent cabins and even a radiotelegraph transmitter to keep in touch.  However, because of irregularities in safety regulations, operational failures, etc. the Titanic, sunk, after hitting an iceberg.

And then we have, now.  The passenger-ship has seen a gradual evolution to being a fully-fledged, luxury Cruise ship.

What you can expect from a Luxury Cruise Ship Vacation:

You might be surprised to find that travelling on a luxury cruise ship, will feel just like staying in a luxury, 5-star hotel.  Some of these Luxury Ships has been described as floating condominiums, each with its own balcony.

  1. Professional Service: Boarding a luxury cruiser, you will be greeted by well-trained crewmembers and officers, wanting to show-off their wonderful ship.  You will find pleasing interiors, elegant architecture, lovely flowers, art, and almost everything you can expect at a luxury hotel.  Certain cabins also offer butler services.
  2. You won’t feel crowded: Much the same as a luxury resort, you will never feel crowded.  High-end cruise ships are not only luxurious but also spacious.  You will never have to search for a lounge chair or a seat at the pool.  The whole ship’s interior is designed to create an upscale, comfortable environment.
  3. “All Inclusive”: Not all cruises actually include everything in “all-inclusive”, but you can expect all beverages included complimentary transportation when you dock at ports on the way, and free Wi-Fi.  The general idea is to not have travellers sign slips or looking for their purses the whole time.  The idea is to relax on vacation, and that is the cruise personnel’s main goal.
  4. Dress-code: In the past, every luxury cruise ship had mandatory formal evenings that required you wore a formal gown or tuxedo.  That is no longer necessary because the dress-code requirements became more relaxed.  There are optional, formal nights that will require dressing-up.  If you feel like attending some of these, go prepared with at least a suit or a cocktail dress.
  5. Luxury Amenities: In all cabins and suites you will be pampered with high-end linens, designer toiletries, and spacious marble bathrooms with a choice of bath products.  You can expect to find a fully stocked complimentary bar-fridge in your cabin.  Some Luxury Cruise lines offer butler-services in their suite categories.  The butlers can perform a wide range of services, from unpacking your suitcases to serving breakfast, etc.

First-class, personalized service is one of the characteristics of luxury cruise lines.  You can also expect fine wines, gourmet cuisine and room service as in all land-logged luxury hotels.  The moment you step aboard a luxury cruise ship, you can leave work behind and enjoy your home-away-from-home for the duration of your holiday cruise.

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